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HH #14 - The Hidden Harbour Mystery
Text by Franklin W. Dixon

Harold Hill

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The Hidden Harbour Mystery (Harold Hill)


The Hidden Harbour Mystery (Harold Hill)


The Hidden Harbour Mystery (Harold Hill)

Orange boards: cover & spine.

Publisher: Harold Hill

First Printed: 1957

Cover Artist: Frank Varty
Frontispiece Artist: Frank Varty (View)

Story version: Original text

General Attributes:
-- Spine number: 14
-- BNB gives date as [Oct] 1957
-- Orange/red Gretta end papers
-- Dust jacket lists only the 14 HH titles
-- New frontispiece.

Board Colours:
-- Orange (pictured)
-- Pale Blue

-- The frontispiece for this release is brand new (the 1947 US edition omitted one). The artist responsible appears to be Frank Varty.
-- Harold Hill were the only publisher to release this title in the UK. Why exactly Collins and Armada Books chose not to publish this title is unknown (although some G&D Nancy Drew titles were also omitted by Collins, indicating that this anomaly wasn't unique to the Hardy Boys series).
-- The title of this book was Anglicised for a British audience, with the spelling of the word 'Harbor' in the original title changed to 'Harbour'.
-- To view the Harold Hill preview for this title (which appeared on the reverse side of the dust-jacket for The Mark on the Door), please click here.


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Harold Hill only titles:

HH 2. House On The Cliff
HH 14. Hidden Harbour Mystery

Collins titles:


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