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The Hardy Boys And Nancy Drew Meet Dracula (And Other Stories)
Novelisation by the Stratemeyer Syndicate

Armada Paperback Edition

The Hardy Boys And Nancy Drew Meet Dracula (And Other Stories) (Armada)



Publisher: Armada Books

First Printed: 1979 (30th July)

Cover Artist: Photographic composite
Internal illustrator: None

ISBN: 0-00-691662-7

-- First printing back cover prices are as follows:
£0.60 (UK), $1.85 (NZ), $1.75 (AU), $2.25 (CAN).
-- Cover shows a photographic montage featuring Shaun Cassidy, Parker Stevenson and Pamela Sue Martin (with the house from the film 'Psycho' in the background).
-- The stories featured in this compendium are novelisations of three TV episodes: The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew meet Dracula (by Glen Larson & Michael Sloan), The Haunted House (by Michael Sloan) & Flight To Nowhere (by James Henerson).


-- The 1980 reprint sports a Canadian price on the back cover.
-- In a chart of the best-selling titles issued by Books for Students (a major British company supplier of books to both schools and libraries), the Dracula paperback reached the number-one position during the Christmas term of 1979. The paperback fell to 15th the following Spring, and by the Summer term, the book had dropped out of the chart altogether.
-- The photos on the front cover come from the following episodes of the TV series: Frank: Mystery of the Flying Courier; Joe: Mystery of the Haunted House; Nancy: Mystery of the Diamond Triangle; House: The House on Possessed Hill.


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