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#77 - Sky Sabotage
Text by Franklin W. Dixon

Angus & Robertson / Armada Books: C

Angus & Robertson Hardback Edition

-- For reasons that are unclear, Angus & Robertson opted not to publish this title.

Armada Paperback Edition « »

Sky Sabotage (Format C)



Publisher: Armada Books
Cover Layout: Format C

First Printed: 1985

Cover Artist: Unknown

ISBN: 0-00-692166-3

-- First printing back cover prices are as follows:
£1.50 (UK), $4.95 (NZ), $3.95 (AU).
-- The cover wrongly depicts Frank being rescued from the shark, when in the story it is actually Joe in that position. On the last page of the book, Armada challenged the reader to discover the deliberate error in the front cover artwork. This 'mistake' was apparently designed to test the reader's knowledge of the Hardy Boys!


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