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#73 - Trapped At Sea
Text by Franklin W. Dixon

Angus & Robertson / Armada Books: C

Angus & Robertson Hardback Edition

Trapped At Sea (Angus & Robertson)

Publisher: Angus & Robertson

First Printed: 1984 (12th March)

Cover Artist: by Dave Godfrey
Internal illustrations: by Denis Orloff

ISBN: 0-207-14902-X

Other Book Attributes:
-- Copyright page: "First published in the United Kingdom by Angus & Robertson (UK) Ltd in 1984".
-- Dark turquoise endpapers.
-- Printed in Hong Kong.
-- £3.95 sterling price on back cover.

Armada Paperback Edition « »

Trapped At Sea (Format C)



Publisher: Armada Books
Cover Layout: Format C

First Printed: 1984

Cover Artist: Unknown

ISBN: 0-00-691834-4

-- First printing back cover prices are as follows:
£1.25 (UK), $4.50 (NZ), Not For Sale In Canada.
-- For some odd reason, the reference to the next book (Game Plan for Disaster) in the paperback was removed and replaced with the text 'a thrilling new mystery' (the font is slightly different).


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