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#49 - A Figure In Hiding
Text by Franklin W. Dixon

Sampson Low / MacDonald / Collins / Armada Books: D / 1 Omnibus Edition

Sampson Low Hardback Edition « »

A Figure In Hiding (Sampson Low) A Figure In Hiding (Sampson Low)

Red boards and spine.

Publisher: Sampson Low

First Printed: 1959 (October)

Cover Artist: Paul Laune
Frontispiece Artist: Paul Laune (View)
Internal Illustrations: None

SBN: None

Story version: Original text

First Printing Attributes:
-- Spine number: None.
-- Frontispiece taken from 1937 US ed.
-- Blank endpapers.
-- Yellow spine
-- Retail price: None listed. Later printings cost 5/- (5 shillings).

-- At least one copy is known to exist that has its rear endpapers attached upside down!


MacDonald Hardback Edition « »

A Figure In Hiding (MacDonald)

Publisher: MacDonald

First Printed: 1968 (August)

Cover Artist: John Leone
Internal Illustrations: Unknown

SBN: 356-02403-2

Story version: Revised text

First Printing Attributes:
-- Spine number: None.
-- Gretta orange 'tree' endpapers.
-- Blue spine
-- Retail price: 9/6 (9 shillings & sixpence)


Collins Hardback Edition « »

A Figure In Hiding (Collins)

Publisher: Collins

First Printed: 1980 (16th June)

Cover Artist: John Leone
Internal illustrator: Unknown

ISBN: 0-00-160550-X

-- The Previous and Next book references in the text were not changed to reflect the Collins numbering.


Armada Paperback Edition « »

A Figure In Hiding (Format D)



Publisher: Armada Books
Cover Layout: Format D

First Printed: 1989

Cover Artist: Unknown

ISBN: 0-00-692832-3

-- First printing back cover prices are as follows:
£2.25 (UK), $8.50 inc. GST (NZ), $5.95 (AU).


Mulberry / Paragon Paperback Omnibus Edition

Mulberry / Paragon 2-in-1 Omnibus

Publisher: Mulberry / Paragon

First Printed: 1992 (Mulberry) 1995 (Paragon)

Featured stories:
#49 - A Figure In Hiding
#50 - The Secret Warning

Cover Artist: Unknown

ISBN: 0-752-50947-0

-- This omnibus was later reprinted by Paragon Books in 1995 and 1996 with the same cover design.


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