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Lost Tunnel

20th April 2021 – We interview a British ghostwriter for the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew TV tie-in annuals: the immensely talented Colin Edmonds!


23rd April 2019 – Additions to the TV Listings History page include more details on Australian broadcast dates and TV schedules.

14th April 2019 – Corrections have been made to the Angus & Robserton History page, as well as individual Gallery entries, beginning with Night of The Werewolf.


3rd December 2018 – The identity of the artist responsible for the British editions of the Survival Handbook has come to light!


31st March 2015 – Added Peter Archer's cover artwork for The Secret of Skull Mountain.

27th February 2015 – Another paperback boxed set has surfaced: the 1989 Armada Gift Set.


29th July 2013 – Scans of the very rare 1990 Armada Gift Set have now been added to the Boxed Sets page.

17th July 2013 – Listings for the Armada TV Tie-in paperbacks have been updated with new info: While the Clock Ticked, Wailing Siren & Meet Dracula.


29th December 2011 – The cover of the exceedingly rare Swift edition of Super Sleuths! 2 has finally come to light ...

1st November 2011 – Via Paul Mular comes the revelation that the Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Diamond Books editions were also sold in the USA!

10th March 2011 – Two newly-discovered Armada boxed sets have been listed; one from 1990 and another from 1991.

2010 – June

5th July 2010 – The comic strips and short stories from the two Mystery Annuals are now available in PDF format.

12th June – Added Roger Hall's year of birth (1914) to the Artists page.

2009 – December

29th December – Added Peter Archer's year of birth (1933) to the Artists page.

7th DecemberLAUNCH DAY: Welcome aboard everyone!

6th December – Added yet another Appendix: a Timeline summarising the key events and book releases from 1950 through to 2006.

2009 – November

30th November – Vastly improved the method of switching between the Collins and US numbering systems on the Original Series Gallery pages.

25th November – Added photos of three London addresses which were formerly the headquarters of Armada Books at different times in the history of that imprint.

23rd November – Started optimising the CSS file, which will hopefully result in faster load times for the website and its constituent pages.

5th November – More changes (improvements) to the Armada Books Overview page.

2009 – October

19th October – Moved site from temporary folder in preparation for launch. Took about an hour to re-upload all of the cover scans again.

7th October – So much for launching the site at the end of September! Added two new Appendices to the History pages: IV Book Dimensions and V Imported Editions.

2009 – September

25th September – Made many minor (and a few not-so-minor) changes and corrections to the History and Gallery pages. Now aiming to launch the website by the end of the month.

6th September – Reached a crucial stage in the development of the website: proof-reading and error-checking the many pages of content contained within. Here goes...

5th September – Fixed top navigation links, added more scans to David Browne's page, tidied the Casefiles page, added a paragraph to the Armada Books page. The finishing line is in sight (at last!).

4th September – Made minor improvements to the main index page; also wrote piece for the Gallery index page.

1st September – Overhauled the index page and fiddled with the logo. Also made changes that should improve site compatibility with IE 5.5.

2009 – August

31st August – Created a new logo for the website.

27th August – Improved the index pages in the Gallery section of the website. Also added some fresh scans (still plenty more to come).

24th August – Edited the book templates for the Gallery pages; took ages, but looks a lot better now.

22nd August – Made various minor, yet important updates and alterations to the Gallery pages.

21st August – Added a third Appendix, dealing with the colourful artwork of artist David Browne.

20th August – The most recent entry from the What's New page now also appears at the top of the sidebar on the index page.

17th August – Got the Contact Us page operational, after a few initial hiccups.

13th August – Implemented the What's New page. Hope to have site ready to launch soon.

12th August – Upgraded many of the scans on the Gallery section of the website; mainly those featured in the Original Series pages. Lots and lots of new Armada covers!





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