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Appendix VI – Timeline

1950s / 1960s / 1970s / 1980s / 1990s / 2000s


Year: Publisher: Titles: Notes:
1950 Harold Hill Secret of The Lost Tunnel The first British Hardy Boys edition.
1951 Harold Hill Crooked Arrow
Phantom Freighter
The Tower Treasure
House on the Cliff
Old Mill
Missing Chums
Hidden Gold
The Tower Treasure and all subsequent HH titles feature artwork by Frank Varty.
1953 Harold Hill Shore Road Mystery
Secret of the Caves
Cabin Island
Great Airport Mystery
1955 Harold Hill What Happened at Midnight
While the Clock Ticked
1957 Harold Hill Footprints under the Window
Mark on the Door
Hidden Harbour
Secret of The Lost Tunnel
Lost Tunnel is reprinted with artwork by Frank Varty.
1958 - - The Walt Disney comics are published in Australia by W. G. Publications.
1959 Sampson Low Sinister Sign Post
Figure in Hiding
Secret Warning
Twisted Claw
Sampson Low take over the series.



Year: Publisher: Titles: Notes:
1961 Sampson Low The Disappearing Floor
Mystery Of The Flying Express
1962 Sampson Low Clue Of The Broken Blade
Flickering Torch Mystery
1963 Sampson Low Mystery At Devil's Paw
Mystery of the Chinese Junk
Mystery of the Desert Giant
Clue of the Screeching Owl
1964 Sampson Low Secret Of Pirates' Hill
Ghost At Skeleton Rock
Viking Symbol Mystery
Mystery of the Aztec Warrior
1965 Sampson Low The Crisscross Shadow
Yellow Feather Mystery
Hooded Hawk Mystery
Clue In The Embers
1966 Sampson Low The Haunted Fort
Wailing Siren Mystery
Secret of Wildcat Swamp
Secret of Skull Mountain
- - Disney serial The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure is broadcast in the UK by the BBC.
1967 Sampson Low Mystery of The Spiral Bridge
The Secret Panel
Short-Wave Mystery
The Melted Coins
The final four titles issued by Sampson Low.
1968 MacDonald A Figure In Hiding
The Secret Warning
The Twisted Claw
Clue of The Broken Blade
MacDonald reprint four titles first issued by Sampson Low.
1969 MacDonald Secret Agent On Flight 101
Secret of The Lost Tunnel
Sinister Sign Post
Clue of The Screeching Owl
MacDonald end their brief tenure with two reprints and two 'new' editions (Lost Tunnel and Flight 101).



Year: Publisher: Titles: Notes:
1971 Collins #1 Aztec Warrior
#6 Desert Giant
The first six titles in the new Collins number sequence.
1972 Collins #7 The Melted Coins
#24 The Crisscross Shadow
18 titles published by Collins in three batches of six.
1973 Collins #25 Hunting for Hidden Gold
#30 Secret Agent On Flight 101
1974 Collins #31 The Tower Treasure
#36 Ghost At Skeleton Rock
Armada #1 Aztec Warrior
#9 Screeching Owl,
#11 Twisted Claw
Armada release their first batch of Format A paperbacks. #10 While the Clock Ticked is curiously omitted.
1975 Armada #19 Crooked Arrow
#22 Sinister Signpost
4 Format A paperbacks.
1976 Armada #23 Footprints u/t Window
#26 Cabin Island
4 Format A paperbacks.
1977 Collins #37 Clue of The Broken Blade
#42 Danger On Vampire Trail
Collins Adventure Activity Book The only paperback issued directly under the Collins label.
Armada #12 Wailing Siren Mystery Format F TV Tie-in paperback (issued in both red and white).
Armada #12 Wailing Siren
#13 Secret of the Caves
#27 Mark on the Door
#28 Yellow Feather
4 Format A paperbacks.
1978 - - In Australia, the first season of the TV series is broadcast, followed immediately by the second season.
1979 Collins #43 Bombay Boomerang
#48 Firebird Rocket
The last of the 48 British-produced Collins editions.
Collins Detective Handbook Produced for Collins by Grosset & Dunlap.
Armada #10 While the Clock Ticked Red Format F TV Tie-in paperback.
Armada #14 Pirates' Hill
#15 Flickering Torch
2 Format A paperbacks.
Armada Meet Dracula (And Other Stories) Collection of three TV episode novelisations.
- - The TV series debuts on the BBC (18 episodes in total are broadcast this year).



Year: Publisher: Titles: Notes:
1980 Collins #49 Figure in Hiding
#56 Sting of the Scorpion
Eight additional titles in the original series are issued by Collins in the form of rebranded Grosset & Dunlap picture cover editions.
Angus &
#57 Night of the Werewolf
#58 Samurai Sword
Angus & Robertson gain the hardback-publishing rights.
Armada #16 Old Mill
#18 Great Airport Mystery,
#29 Hooded Hawk
4 Format A paperbacks.
- - Season One of the TV series is broadcast in New Zealand.
1981 Collins /
Survival Handbook Published simultaneously in paperback and hardback editions.
Angus &
#59 The Pentagon Spy
#62 Smugglers' Cove
Armada #30 Secret Agent on Flight 101,
#57 Night of the Werewolf
#60 The Apeman's Secret
5 Format A paperbacks.
- - BBC begin showing the remainder of TV episodes from the first and second seasons, while New Zealand viewers see the first half of the second season.
1982 Angus &
#63 The Stone Idol
#66 The Submarine Caper,
The Supersleuths collection of stories featuring the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew is published in hardback.
Armada #31 The Tower Treasure,
#32 Missing Friends,
#61 The Mummy Case
#64 The Vanishing Thieves
Last six Format A paperbacks are released.
- - BBC show the last remaining TV episode: Death Surf. The rest of the second season is broadcast in New Zealand.
1983 Angus &
#67 Four-Headed Dragon
#72 The Tic-Tac-Terror
Armada #33 Viking Symbol Mystery,
#34 Mystery of the Chinese Junk,
#65 The Outlaw's Silver
#70 The Voodoo Plot
8 Format B paperbacks (plus several reprints).
Armada Supersleuths
- - Season 3 of the TV series is shown in Australia.
1984 Angus &
#73 Trapped At Sea
#76 Cave-In
Armada #71 The Billion Dollar Ransom,
#72 The Tic-Tac-Terror
The brief Format B series comes to an end with 2 new paperbacks, plus a reprint of The Mystery of the Melted Coins.
Armada #35 Mystery At Devil's Paw,
#36 Ghost At Skeleton Rock,
#73 Trapped At Sea
#76 Cave-In
The Format C cover design debuts, with 6 new releases, plus several reprints of older titles.
Armada Ghost Stories This short-story collection goes straight to paperback.
1985 Collins 12 reprints. Red spine editions, produced in Italy.
Angus &
#79 The Demon's Den
#82 Desert Phantom
For some reason, volumes #77 and #78 are not issued by Angus & Robertson.
Armada #37 Clue of the Broken Blade
#39 The Phantom Freighter,
#77 Sky Sabotage,
#78 The Roaring River Mystery
5 Format C paperbacks, plus several reprints.
Armada &
Swift Books
BAD #1 Knight's Sword,
BAD #2 Danger on Ice,
BAD #3 The Feathered Serpent,
BAD #4 Secret Cargo
The first four entries in the Be A Detective series are released simultaneously in paperback and hardback editions.
1986 Angus &
#83 The Skyfire Puzzle The last title published by Angus &
Armada #40 The Secret of Skull Mountain,
#79 The Demon's Den
#81 The Swamp Monster
4 Format C paperbacks (plus several reprints).
Armada BAD #5 The Alaskan Mystery,
BAD #6 Missing Money Mystery
The last two entries in the Be A Detective series come out in paperback only.
Swift Books Supersleuths 2
Campfire Stories
Hardback editions.
1987 Armada #82 Desert Phantom,
#83 The Skyfire Puzzle
The prolific Format C era ends, with two new titles and a few more reprints.
Armada #41 The Mysterious Caravan
#44 The Masked Monkey
The Format D cover design is introduced with 4 new novels and several reprints.
1988 Armada #45 The Shattered Helmet,
#46 Clue of the Hissing Serpent
2 Format D paperbacks, plus several reprints.
1989 Armada #47 The Jungle Pyramid
#50 The Secret Warning
4 Format D paperbacks, plus several reprints.
Armada #1 Dead on Target
#6 Crowning Terror
The spin-off Casefiles series arrives in the UK with the publication of the first 6 titles in paperback.



Year: Publisher: Titles: Notes:
1990 Armada #51 Flying Express
#54 Lost Tunnel
4 Format D paperbacks.
Armada #7 Deathgame
#10 Hostages of Hate
4 Casefiles paperbacks.
1991 Armada #11 Brother Against Brother
#12 Perfect Getaway
Casefiles, but they are quickly withdrawn, and the rights to the series pass to Archway (UK)
Armada #54 Lost Tunnel
#56 Sting of the Scorpion,
#85 Programme For Destruction
Format D era comes to an end, with 4 new paperbacks.
1992 Armada #86 The Sky-Blue Frame
#87 Danger on the Diamond
Format E paperbacks, plus several reprints.
Archway (UK) #11 Brother Against Brother
#22 Double Exposure
1993 Armada Reprints of previously
released titles only.
Final batch of Format E paperbacks. Armada's goal of reprinting all 87 titles in the original series is abandoned after releasing only 32 novels in this format.
Archway (UK) #23 Disaster For Hire
#46 Foul Play
Diamond Books Six 3-in-1s Six 3-in-1 paperback omnibus editions.
1994 Archway (UK) #47 Flight Into Danger
#60 Deadfall
Casefiles with artwork by Richard Jones
Diamond Books Six 3-in-1s Another six 3-in-1 paperback omnibus editions.
1995 Archway (UK) #61 Grave Danger
#70 Rigged For Revenge
Archway switch to using the US cover design and artwork. The series goes into somewhat of a hiatus at the end of the year.
1999 Pocket Books (UK) Darkness Falls,
The Dead Season,
Line of Fire ,
Disaster For Hire,
Scene of The Crime,
Dirty Deeds,
Height of Danger,
Height of Danger,
Real Horror,
Perfect Getaway,
Choke Hold
Pocket Books reawaken the Casefile series and issue ten titles selected seemingly at random.



Year: Publisher: Titles: Notes:
2000 Pocket Books (UK) Sabotage At Sea,
Mayhem In Motion,
Taste For Terror,
Bad Chemistry,
Against All Odds,
Duel With Death
Another six Casefiles paperbacks.
2001 Pocket Books (UK) Cave Trap,
Toxic Revenge,
Lethal Cargo,
Sheer Terror,
Rough Riding
Five more Casefiles. Stress Point is scheduled for publication in September, but the release is cancelled in advance.
- - Season 3 of the 1970s TV series is shown in New Zealand for the first time.
2003 Pocket Books (UK) Five-In-One Casefiles boxed set.
2005 Simon & Schuster #1 Extreme Danger,
#2 Running on Fumes,
British Undercover Brothers paperback editions.
2006 Simon & Schuster #3 Boardwalk Bust,
#4 Thrill Ride
British Undercover Brothers paperback editions.
Simon & Schuster Choke Hold
Toxic Revenge
Darkness Falls
Cave Trap
4 Undercover Brothers Hybrid paperbacks (rebranded Casefiles reprints). Two additional titles are scheduled for November, but are later cancelled.

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