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Appendix I – Revised Texts

The Stratemeyer Syndicate began the text revision programme of the Hardy Boys (as well as other series including Nancy Drew, The Bobbsey Twins, Dana Girls, etc) in 1959. This process involved the cutting, editing and condensing of the original texts, or in some cases writing whole new books that had absolutely no resemblance to the original book of the same title. This process was done to the first 38 titles. One original text and seven revised texts have never been published in a UK edition. The following table lists the publisher who released the original text, followed by that who published the revised text version.

The revised texts can be categorised in four ways:

A = minor editing, cutting, condensing and trimming of text

B = major rewrite but with many recognisable elements from the original

C = major rewrite with very few recognisable elements from the original

D = wholesale rewrite with no resemblance to original whatsoever

1 31 The Tower Treasure HAROLD HILL COLLINS B
2 - The House on the Cliff HAROLD HILL Not published C
3 16 The Secret Of The Old Mill HAROLD HILL COLLINS C
4 32 The Missing Chums HAROLD HILL COLLINS B
5 25 Hunting For Hidden Gold HAROLD HILL COLLINS B
6 17 The Shore Road Mystery HAROLD HILL COLLINS B
7 13 The Secret Of The Caves HAROLD HILL COLLINS B
8 26 The Mystery Of Cabin Island HAROLD HILL COLLINS B
9 18 The Great Airport Mystery HAROLD HILL COLLINS D
10 21 What Happened At Midnight HAROLD HILL COLLINS B
11 10 While The Clock Ticked HAROLD HILL COLLINS A
12 23 Footprints Under The Window HAROLD HILL COLLINS C
13 27 The Mark On The Door HAROLD HILL COLLINS C
14 - The Hidden Harbour Mystery HAROLD HILL Not published C
15 22 The Sinister Signpost SAMPSON LOW COLLINS C
16 49 A Figure In Hiding SAMPSON LOW COLLINS C
17 50 The Secret Warning SAMPSON LOW COLLINS C
18 11 The Twisted Claw SAMPSON LOW COLLINS C
19 5 The Disappearing Floor SAMPSON LOW COLLINS C
20 51 The Mystery Of The Flying Express SAMPSON LOW COLLINS D
21 37 The Clue Of The Broken Blade SAMPSON LOW COLLINS D
22 15 The Flickering Torch Mystery SAMPSON LOW Not published D
23 7 The Melted Coins SAMPSON LOW Not published D
24 52 The Short-Wave Mystery Not published SAMPSON LOW C
25 53 The Secret Panel SAMPSON LOW COLLINS A
26 39 The Phantom Freighter HAROLD HILL COLLINS A
27 40 The Secret Of Skull Mountain SAMPSON LOW COLLINS A
28 19 The Sign Of The Crooked Arrow HAROLD HILL COLLINS A
29 54 The Secret Of The Lost Tunnel HAROLD HILL MACDONALD A
30 12 The Wailing Siren Mystery SAMPSON LOW COLLINS A
31 38 The Secret Of Wildcat Swamp SAMPSON LOW COLLINS A
32 24 The Crisscross Shadow SAMPSON LOW COLLINS A
33 28 The Yellow Feather Mystery SAMPSON LOW COLLINS A
34 29 The Hooded Hawk Mystery SAMPSON LOW COLLINS A
35 20 The Clue In The Embers SAMPSON LOW Not published A
36 14 The Secret Of Pirates’ Hill SAMPSON LOW Not published A
37 36 The Ghost At Skeleton Rock SAMPSON LOW COLLINS A
38 35 The Mystery At Devil's Paw SAMPSON LOW Not published A

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