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The 81 titles listed below are the only stories in the Casefiles series that were printed and published in the UK (although the scheduled release of #125 Stress Point was cancelled prior to its publication). This selection consists of a contiguous range of novels from #1 Dead on Target through to #71 Real Horror, plus ten novels seemingly picked at random from the remaining portion of the series.

Some of these titles were issued in more than one format; as a result, the following pages contain approximately 100 different variants, plus 18 omnibus editions (which are also listed in the dedicated Omnibus Editions Gallery section). The title that has the distinction of having appeared in the most number of formats is #12 Perfect Getaway – the only Casefile that was released by all three main imprints: Armada, Archway and Pocket Books.

The 46 novels that were not issued by a British publisher were, however, made available to consumers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand in the form of imported US Archway paperbacks. Although these paperbacks were recorded by the British National Bibliography, they are not included here (the Imported Editions Appendix page does contain a partial list of Casefile imports).

To get the full scoop on the British editions of this popular spin-off series, please visit the Casefiles History page.

1. Dead On Target
2. Evil, Incorporated
3. Cult of Crime
4. The Lazarus Plot
5. Edge of Destruction
6. The Crowning Terror
7. Deathgame
8. See No Evil
9. The Genius Thieves
10. Hostages of Hate
11. Brother Against Brother
12. Perfect Getaway
13. The Borgia Dagger
14. Too Many Traitors
15. Blood Relations
16. Line of Fire
17. The Number File
18. A Killing In The Market
19. Nightmare In Angel City
20. Witness To Murder
21. Street Spies
22. Double Exposure
23. Disaster For Hire
24. Scene of The Crime
25. The Borderline Case
26. Trouble In The Pipeline
27. Nowhere To Run
28. Countdown To Terror
29. Thick As Thieves
30. The Deadliest Dare
31. Without A Trace
32. Blood Money
33. Collision Course
34. Final Cut
35. The Dead Season
36. Running On Empty
37. Danger Zone
38. Diplomatic Deceit
39. Flesh And Blood
40. Fright Wave
41. Highway Robbery
42. The Last Laugh
43. Strategic Moves
44. Castle Fear
45. In Self-Defence
46. Foul Play
47. Flight Into Danger
48. Rock 'n' Revenge
49. Dirty Deeds
50. Power Play
51. Choke Hold
52. Uncivil War
53. Web of Horror
54. Deep Trouble
55. Beyond The Law
56. Height of Danger
57. Terror On Track
58. Spiked!
59. Open Season
60. Deadfall
61. Grave Danger
62. Final Gambit
63. Cold Sweat
64. Endangered Species
65. No Mercy
66. The Phoenix Equation
67. Lethal Cargo
68. Rough Riding
69. Mayhem In Motion
70. Rigged For Revenge
71. Real Horror
81. Sheer Terror
83. Toxic Revenge
89. Darkness Falls
92. Sabotage At Sea
94. Taste For Terror
96. Against All Odds
110. Bad Chemistry
115. Cave Trap
117. Duel With Death
125. Stress Point (unreleased)

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