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New Zealander Jon Preddle read his first Hardy Boys paperback (The Mystery of the Aztec Warrior) in May 1975 when he was 11, and has collected the books on and off ever since (and he still doesn't have a complete set of Angus & Robertson hardbacks). His favourite cover artwork is Peter Archer's Footprints Under the Window. His favourite book is currently Hardy and Hardy Investigations, SynSine Press’s indispensable collectors’ handbook for the US editions.

Ian Regan is a British fan of the Hardy Boys series, who has collected the books for over 18 years, and has a particular penchant for the Casefiles series. His favourite story is the revised text edition of The Mystery of the Disappearing Floor, which was also his introduction to the exploits of Frank and Joe. Ian is also an avid collector of the Three Investigators and Brains Benton series.

The Design

Thanks to Robert O. Held, whose original website design proved to be both the motivation and inspiration for this project (Robert runs www.tunneltwo.com, which is dedicated to the US Three Investigators series). The final layout owes a great deal to Keith Robinson – the webmaster of www.enidblyton.net – whose web design ethos and style are elements we have strived to emulate as much as possible.


The following individuals have provided either moral support or invaluable assistance at one time or another: Michael Brown, Chris Workman, Jim McNamara, Peter Archer, Karen Archer, Ben Archer, Joel Archer, Craig Watson, Julie Fraser, Donna Milburn, Austin Johnson, Seth Smolinske, Philip Fulmer, David Baumann, Rowan Morrell, Curtis Jacob, Nathan Ludwick, David Browne, Lea Shangraw Fox, Tony Pyrzakowski, Colin Howard, James Keeline, Trevor Thurlow, Winslow-Boy, Benjamin Lefebvre and Kat Hayes of Simon & Schuster UK.

We would also like to thank Bob Finnan, who has kindly given a home to Jon's original treatise on his website since 2001 – The Hardy Boys Unofficial Home Page.

A special note of gratitude must go to the British artist Mike Adams, who – with the help of his wife – graciously reviewed the Armada cover artwork in an attempt to group together the unidentified and unattributed cover artists.

Paul Mular (co-author of the aforementioned Hardy and Hardy Investigations guide) also richly deserves a namecheck for generously allowing us access to his own independent research into these editions. Many thanks Paul.

And finally, we cannot conclude this section without figuratively doffing our caps to the sons and daughters of the late Gordon Landsborough – the founder of Armada Books. They have most generously shared with us a wealth of information, memories, and reminiscences of their father and also the early formative days of Armada. To Bonny, Euan, Stuart, and especially Diana – we thank you.

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